Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Of The Day February 17

Just Nibbling

As I was walking in the marsh yesterday I came across this squirrel, at first it stopped and watched me very closely, as they often will if you approach them. I stopped moving briefly so it could relax, then turned my camera to face it and made a few images. Shooting against a bright sky can be difficult, but thankfully the sun came out for a few moments and acted as natural fill flash. That was great because I don't like what the light from speedlights does to birds and other wildlife, nor the look it creates.

One of the hurdles of shooting with the D700 vs the D300 is the size of the auto focus area, which is much smaller on the former. Unfortunately that forced me to compromise the composition of this shot a little, although it didn't turn out took bad after some cropping. After shooting with the D300 and its 100% viewfinder looking through the 95% viewfinder of the D700, despite being much bigger and brighter, takes some getting used to. I just have to think about composition a little bit more like when I am shooting with the D3100.