Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jasper: Day 2

Ice Locked Maligne Lake

Winter may be over and warmer spring weather has thawed out the ground around the city of Jasper, but ice still covers most of the lakes in the area. Pictured above is Maligne Lake, which is not very wide, but it is rather long. The unfrozen water at the east end of the lake is the source for the Maligne river, which cuts through the rugged terrain and joins the Athabasca River in the valley near Jasper. 

The weather today was a little crazy. In Jasper it was warm and mostly sunny, around 14ºC, but up at Maligne Lake it was 3ºC and there were snow squalls moving through the area in waves. You can see one of those snow squalls in the upper right side of the image.