Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jasper: Day 3

Icefield's Highway

Since yesterday was a little busy, I got behind on posting. The reason I got behind was the large number of photos that I had to work on from my drive down the northern half of the Icefield highway (93). Unlike my visit in September last year, the highway was showing it's name sake. Today's image is just one of the many that I took yesterday, but this one seemed most fitting, considering that I'm talking about the highway itself. Once you start heading south the highway climbs nearly 1000 meters in elevation over the city of Jasper, peaking near the the Columbia Icefields. 

It was cold once you got away from Jasper, and for most of the trip temperatures were around 2ºC. At the foot of the Athabasca Glacier it was -1ºC, and light snow fell amidst strong winds, I'd say gusts of at least 70 KM/H. I'm sure with the windchill figured in it felt more like it was -8ºC (17ºF). Below is an image of Mt.Athabasca, which looks very dramatic wrapped in the clouds and snow that were moving around it.