Saturday, April 23, 2011

When art isn't the goal of your photos

A client that I'm doing a job for had me shooting subjects today that I wouldn't usually take photos of. After the shoot was over I took a few minutes to reflect, I felt as though the photos I'd taken had no artistic value, which troubled me at first. When those thoughts came to me I stopped and realized that every photo doesn't have to be artistic to be useful. There is a lot of talk about artistic photos on the net today, but what about those times when what you need to shoot has no artistic value whatsoever? Does that mean your photos are not as good as ones that are taken for artistic purposes? I feel safe saying that, no, that does not mean your images are of less value. To those in the artistic community that might be the case, but a client might think otherwise!

Today's photos are an example of what I'm talking about. My client wanted some images of these walls, clearly a subject with little artistic value, but due to the nature of his business, this is an important subject for his clients to see. You might notice that I still used some rules that apply to artistic photos, such as using the rule of thirds and in the second photo leading lines. Just because I'm not be shooting artistically pleasing subjects, does not mean that I turn off the artistic side of my brain!