Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts on Sigma SD1

Sigma today announced the official release of their new pro SD1 46MP APS-C sensor DSLR. Wow, 46MP, great! Wait, it's actually a 15MP camera, or 15MP x 3 camera to be exact. There is 1 x 15MP Red, 1 x 15MP Green and 1 x 15MP Blue sensors layered on top of each other. There are advantages to this system, as the colour rendition of previous cameras using this sensor design are very lifelike. The dynamic range of said cameras also tends to exceed the tradition CMOS sensors, which capture all colours on one sensor. One of the problems Sigma faces is that nobody, other than Sigma, makes SD mount lenses. Not that Sigma lenses are very expensive, generally cheaper than Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Sony lenses, but the quality also isn't up to par with the competition either.

Another issue is that Sigma is going to charge $9700 USD MSRP for this camera. Hold on you say, nearly $10,000 USD for a APS-C sensor camera? Yup, you read the price correctly. Sigma says the camera is targeted at medium format shooters who want a smaller camera body. I guess some medium format shooters will like this camera, for long treks. The question is how many of them will ditch their high end gear for a Sigma camera? Not that many is my guess, but then Sigma's DSLR cameras have never been big sellers, so that is nothing new for them.