Friday, June 24, 2011

Ready To Cook (POTD June 24)

Late post, since I was out all day on Vancouver Island. Today's image is another from the Gulf Of Georgia Cannery.

Ready To Cook

Once cans of fish were filled, and a lid was attached, they were sent down the line to be cooked. Racks like the ones seen in today's photo would be moved into a fast heating oven that would cook the cans at 250ÂșC for a set period of time. After cooking the only steps left in the canning process were to seal and label them.

I was told about an interesting fact about the oven by my tour guide. During off season or after work hours, if the local lockup was too full, the Cannery allowed the police to keep prisoners in the it! It wasn't used to execute anyone, the oven would not be on while they were in it. The oven was a good place to keep prisoners because it could only be opened from the outside.