Friday, July 29, 2011

Taking Time To Breath

Towards the end of July every year I find myself a little burned out, from a photographic stand point. With that in mind, I usually take some time off to reflect on what I've done during the year so far. August is always a slow month for me, and so next little while I wont be updated the blog as often, twice next week at the most. I will also be off camping with family, with no internet connection at all, so there wont be any activity between the 7-14 of August. When I get back things might pickup a little bit, as I'm sure to have some nice photos from the trip.

Northern Saw Whet Owl by Robert Disney (robdphotos)) on

For me taking time off is important, because it allows me to reset my desire to shoot, and be more creative. Being creative is something which photography burn out seems to kill entirely. It hasn't helped that I have a lot of decisions to make, in terms of what I'll be doing this fall and winter, so the break is a welcome one to say the least.