Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dream Big, Take Small Steps

One of the most important steps in getting started as a photographer is having a dream or vision of what you would like to accomplish. Without a vision or dream, anyone would have a hard time getting started with any business or project. A lack of vision, both short and long term, can lead to defeat from within. It is far easier to stop trying before you reach your long term goal if you don't have some smaller goals to reach along the way.

You might feel as if this sign is in your face all the time at the beginning 
Being patient can be an important part of reaching both your short term and long term goals as a photographer.  Unless you happen to be one of the most gifted individuals around or already have well established client base to work from, you are unlikely to be successful (in your own eyes) over night. Whether your ambitions are to be a full time working professional or a well respected amateur, the ability to accept that nothing comes without time and effort is vital. After all, it takes both time and effort to build a respectable portfolio and gain clients. 

Set small goals along the way...
... and watch them grow with time.
Once you reach your goals, set new ones and push forward into the future!