Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Monster Descending, Photo Of The Day July 10

Clouds can prove to be interesting subjects for an image, due to the different shapes, sizes and types. Some of the most dramatic cloud photos are the fronts of a storm. Today's image is of a storm front in the Nicola Valley, near Merritt British Columbia. Storms like this are not overly common in the area, which averages 300mm of precipitation a year (compared to 1500mm in Vancouver BC).

When shooting clouds like this, keep an eye on the different light values in the scene. Some parts of the scene may be very bright, due to sunlight, while others will be dark, due to the clouds. More often than not using an HDR technique will not work out, because the clouds can be moving very quickly in a front. In this case the scene was captured as metered (centre weighted average metering), but some recovery of shadows and highlights was required in post. It is important to find a balance between the brightest and darkest point, so that detail in the shadows and highlights can at the very least be recovered later.