Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Speed Of Light

Expending your horizons photographically can be intimidating at times, but it is freeing at the same time. The theme today harkens back to last Wednesday's commentary post, taking about getting out of your creative or photographic box. If you think of your photography from the perspective of an artist, you might want to consider something new and fresh. Photography isn't about a set of hard fast rules, it is about creative exploration and outright fun! So have fun with your image making, do something you haven't done before! This process can be frustrating at first, but nothing worth while comes without effort!

Today's image was taken using the zoom method, meaning the lens was zoomed while taking a long exposure. The setup was simple, 1) find a subject with interesting light, colours and subject matter. 2) I set my camera up on a tripod. 3) Used a variable ND filter, to get the long exposure. 4) Slowly, and smoothly, zoomed the lens from 35-24mm during the exposure.