Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photo of The Day February 1

Winter Drab

Yesterday afternoon I went out to explore an area that I had never been before, the marshes on the south side of Pitt Lake, which is about a 50 minutes drive from Vancouver. At this time of year the marshes are not very lively, and as you can see in today's image there isn't a lot of colour to speak of. The drabness of winter hangs over the marsh and gives it a very monotone feel, which doesn't give a photographer a lot to work with. During the spring and summer though the area is green, and filled with colourful barres of various types.

The marsh itself was not totally devoid of life though, I spotted a beaver, a Northern Harrier, a Eagle, Ravens and Trumpeter Swans, along with some smaller birds. In the summer months these marshes are host numerous Herons, Bitterns and other marsh birds. I'm looking forward to going back once spring starts.