Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo Of The Day February 3

Marsh at Grant Narrows Regional Park

Earlier this week I mentioned that I scouted a new location for wildlife shooting, and this is another shot from that outing. I took most of my shots that day with the Nikon P7000, but I also had my D3100 along as well. The light that day was very interesting, thanks to a thin vale of high clouds, which meant that there were only very soft shadows. The sky was very bright though, which made shooting any images with sky present hard to handle.

I also discovered something that I had not noticed before, at least prior to the 1.01 firmware update to the P7000, that when shooting in auto ISO it seems to choose the highest ISO setting no matter what the lighting conditions (ISO6400 or HI). I am wondering if it this is truly the case though, because noise does not seem to be an issue in the images that I took. I also noticed that Aperture 3 is not automatically pumping up RAW noise reduction, which it normally does with high ISO sensitivities. It could simply be a case of the EXIF data reporting the wrong information. I noticed this when shooting in aperture priority, so if anyone else running 1.01 firmware has seen this let me know. As soon as I switched to manual ISO settings there were no issues.